Inside My DNA Podcast

As Americans, a country built almost entirely by immigrants, it's only natural that our beliefs and behaviors are affected by the immigrant traditions of those that came before us. Inside MY DNA, a video podcast hosted by TIDAL editors, Jesús Triviño Alarcón and Adelle Platon, as well as rotating co-hosts, will showcase freewheeling conversations with artists, across genres, who are also products of immigrant households, and unpack the similarities and differences that inform and inspire every aspect of their careers and lives.

Shakira’s 10 Funniest Moments on 'The Voice' in GIFs

Shakira and The Voice are like an arepa con queso—the perfect combination. As a Voice judge, the Colombian super rockera is charismatic, engaging, insightful and more adorable than puppies on marshmallow clouds (coño, we’re getting hungry now). But we digress. Shakira has also provided viewers with some of the funniest facial expressions on The Voice ever. Here we provide proof in GIFs. Enjoy and share before tonight's first live show!

Videoboard: Madonna’s Top Latin Loves of All Time!

Madonna doesn’t like Latino culture. She loves it more than Kim Kardashian loves herself. If Latino culture were a shampoo, she’d wash and repeat with no end in sight. Since her days as an MTV starlet in the 1980s to her sexual exploration of the 1990s to the aughts, Madge is simply gaga (pun intended) over nuestra gente. Before you download her critically acclaimed 12th studio album, MDNA (out today!), take a look at Ms. Ciccone’s biggest Latin Loves of all time.
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